Supercharge your marketing automation with IFTTT

Sometimes the most obvious ways of getting some automation behind your marketing or lead management activities get out of sight, so here is a quick reminder:

IFTTT can help.

There is an article dedicated to this topic and I recommend the read:

The number of integrations available is amazing. Let’s say you are an actor and you need to do market yourself and your company, then putting plenty of content out there regularly is key, right? Why not make sure your digital drumroll is automatically catered for? Think of a recipe like this one:

The fact that IFTTT is as easy to use as it gets certainly helps. You can however do complex things using Maker applets, using e.g. your own APIs. And you can have multiple applets executed in response to events.

And that’s that – just give it a try and judge yourself. I came to love it.