Database as a Service – with CRUD APIs on top

Everybody loves databases and non-relational (document oriented or key-value) databases are immensely popular these days. Easy to use and powerful for the most common usage scenarios, MongoDB, Cassandra and so on thrive for good reason. Managing these on your own can be a headache nevertheless and then there is still that necessity to deal with API Management. The good news is, there are some nice services out there that will take care of all your data persistence need and come with some nice features like geospatial or graph search, “auto” creation of a HTML5 front-end and more. (The bad news is that you should be willing to give up control over the persistence nitty-gritty and the APIs on top if you want to take advantage. Let’s focus on the bright side for now shall we.)

The nice thing about is the extra-functionality that comes with it, quote:

Collections (tables), fields and relations are declared without any coding. automatically provides data forms, navigation, search and a (CORS) REST API. 

Add / render HTML/javascript pages with your own functionality. (Example)

So not only do you gets support with APIs and rendering (dynamic) HTML based ony our data, you can tweak and tune the output to create full applications based on these functions if you want.

All in all, is a good companion if you want to store data (temporarily) on the go and focus on developing a web or mobile front-end, simply because setting data models up and making them operational is as straight-forward as it can be.

Note that the number of objects you can store with the free tier is highly limited, however more than enough for small side projects or proof of concepts:


Are these services utilities for each and all solution? Certainly not. Nevertheless, they can save you a lot of time and effort and that could very well justify the price – on the other hand, if speed is not your main concern or you are already well prepared to deal with all the aspects these tools cover then, well, keep them in mind for your next hackathon participation.